No longer doing weekly pages of ShipponGirls

Instead I will do 2 pages a month. I’ve been posting for about 2/3rds of a year now and most days barely hitting 100 visitors (while Zoe gets between 4-700 visitors a day).

I will also be replacing all the pages with the uncensored version to see if that helps get more people interested in it, and will look at how it is doing after the game is finished and I have more time on whether I want to increase it back to a weekly comic.

No page this week, will post next.

12 thoughts on “No longer doing weekly pages of ShipponGirls

  1. I think you meant every other week instead of twice a week, but I will read it as fast as you publish it.

    1. Yeah meant to say 2 pages a month (every other week).

  2. Maybe some readers don’t read notes and messages and need a nude pinup type comic with a reminder that it exists? Most people just come for a quick peek of porn and don’t really read anything.

    1. Probably right, but for those people there is my Twitter. I’ve always wanted to do something more than just porn, as I personally am not too interested in porn, like characters that have some roundness to them personality and motivationally wise.
      Since this was posted I decided to end Shippon, will have a more in depth post soon but have a new comic that I think is going to be much better.

      1. lol Porn is just funny to me to be honest. I just like goofy stories.

        1. Well hopefully you’ll like the new one. It is set in a fantasy world so a lot of room for playing off RPG tropes

  3. Ok so this is how you’re going to get more readers:
    1 – The girls in this one look far more older than Zoe so you should be able to link this comic to the linking portals. (No I’m not saying Zoe looks like loli porn, just they can’t complain as much about this content)

    2 – Finish the website! 😀

    3 – Link this website to patreon, I’m positive it won’t be rejected. There’s your revenue stream into Zoe too as one of the side bars should advertise Zoe.

    1. Linking portals?
      And I’ve decided to end Shippon and start a new comic that I think will have a wider appeal.
      I made a post on the Zoe blog but since then also posted a sketch of the main girl getting fucked.
      I don’t think it is a good idea to double dip so will stick with Sponsus.

      1. Look, Shippon wasn’t a flop, trust me it will get very popular but Zoe looking like a loli more than an 18yr old nymph is what has you worried.

        Submit Shippon to the webcomic search engines, let it get ranked. Keep it R rated without censoring and then use it to link ILMB and Zoe and you will boost readership to both as well.

        Shippon has a good story and the cast of characters is just unique enough to keep us audience members entertained. Also Sponsus is just 1 outlet for you to generate revenue from, unless you signed a contract to go exclusively with them I expect they could care less but if it still bugs you, you can make 1 comic for them, 1 for patreon and so forth. You’re the artist, they don’t exist without you content providers so they are not opposed to you making money.

        1. While I appreciate your suggestions I am still going to end Shippon and ILMB for this new comic. I think this new comic has much more potential and have never been this motivated about a comic (to the point where I’ve barely slept all week because I would rather be sketching out the pages for it).
          As for Patreon, I have sponsus, to have both would be pointless because it is the same readers that would be choosing one or the other, and a few may feel obligated to support both because they want me to succeed and I don’t want to take advantage of you readers like that.

        2. You’re the creator, so if you feel it will be the best we as your loyal fans must follow 😀

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