This is the edited version. Support me being able to continue drawing for you guys each week on Sponsus to see the uncensored version. There is more to it than seeing Mike’s penis, this page actually has 2 more panels on the uncensored version of Milli trying to fit him in her mouth.

Why support this site? I am without a job. I would like THIS to be my job. For that to be a reality I need to start making close to 1000$ a month. Currently I average between 2-300 a month. I want to be able to keep drawing as frequently as I am (averaging almost a page a day between what gets published here and commissions). I am also looking at trying to make an animation again. I currently am messing around with a rough sketched animation of a magical girl transformation. I hope to have that far enough along to show you all in a few days. My savings is deteriorating quickly and some time early next year I will need to find a day job… UNLESS, this can be my dayjob. Everyone has dreams, help me reach mine.

There are tons of benifits of supporting me on Sponsus. For only 2$ a month you can get access to the uncensored version of Shippon, that will also contain exclusive pages during sex scenes (more elaborate). For 5$ a month you get that, and also get access to my Sponsus exclusive comic I Love My Bully (which currently has like 16-18pgs and updates 2 times a month). For 10$ you get all of that as well as access to the VIPXXL section, there you can see dozens of exclusive comics that I’ve drawn for commissioners. You can see some of that on my homepage, but there are tons more comics not publicly viewable. If you really want to help out, maybe consider commissioning me. Commissioning me gets a months access to all the VIP sections and you get a drawing of whatever you’d like to see. That can be my characters, your characters, or characters from popular cartoons/comics/games (just no REAL people).

Well there is my little pitch. Whether you support me or not, thanks for coming back regularly and especially thanks to all of you who comment.

ShipponGirls pg11

8 thoughts on “ShipponGirls pg11

  1. Post link please. Can’t find it on sponsus.

  2. The $2/month you want for the VIP is well worth it.

    1. Yeah, that’s what I think too, but of course I’m on the other end so I think they are ALL worth it 😀

  3. Hey if we help support you on kickstarter, how do we get the pinups and stuff?

    1. I emailed you about the drawing you asked for, just need confirmation that it is still what you want and I’ll be getting right to work on it.
      I saw that first, then this so gunna send you a second email with the other stuff.

  4. Shippon Girls still does not have a spot on TopWebComics.
    Votes there could lead to new readers.

    1. It is on my to do list, should get to it sometime in the coming week along with censoring a few pages so I can start advertising the comic on comicad too.

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