Alex is super competitive, So much so that she can’t be the only one to not make a guy cum, and is gunna oneup her cousins by making TWO cum.

ShipponGirls pg23

8 thoughts on “ShipponGirls pg23

  1. I feel like to win she would have to get two guys off without realizing it.

    1. Alex makes her own rules 😀

  2. I have total faith in her! They are already keyed up from the sight, sound, and scent. My question is will it end up running down her face or as a stringy, sticky mess all over the place?

    1. The TV announcer says, “Tune in next week to find out”

      1. what TV announcer? Am I missing something??

        1. I am saying, you need to tune in next week to find out 😀 Like an old tv show that would leave on a cliffhanger (or like rocky and bowinkle that would make fake cliffhangers that never were resolved)

  3. Was the bet on both in under 60 sec or 60 sec each?

    1. 60 seconds each

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