If it is hard to tell (with the whiteout) he has a siamese penis.

Welcome to everyone who just discovered the comic 😀 It updates every Tuesday and as you can see it is just gearing up so lot of fun stuff to come.

ShipponGirls pg25

5 thoughts on “ShipponGirls pg25

  1. Does he have two penises or just two shafts that connect to one head?

    1. Its 2 heads that are connected (but has 2 pee holes and double the cum).

      1. Would need overlarge testicles and a swollen seminal gland to make the latter happen. If anything, pushing a normal amount of cum down two pipes would have it dribbling out with exactly half the normal force.

        1. Don’t bring logic into it 😀

  2. He should call it the double whammy.

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