The fun continues.

Also be sure to go back and check out the old pages, I replaced them all with the uncensored versions.

ShipponGirls pg31

8 thoughts on “ShipponGirls pg31

  1. Let me guess. Too many whiners wanting nudity?

    1. No. actually nobody complained, but the comic is just not getting any viewers (only about 1 outta 5 Zoe viewers read this, so hoping this will help it get more)

      1. Ah. makes sense.

  2. I’ve been reading buddy – but you know I’m a quiet Fatman 😉
    I’ve been enjoying how Shippon has been going (pretty sure I mentioned that in an earlier comment) and I’ll be here to support as best I can (which isn’t much) for the long haul.
    Much Love to ya YG!

  3. And I used the wrong Email for my Gravatar…

  4. I love it.

  5. So I take it this comic is dead?

    1. Yeah, at least for the time being. Sort of lost the plot along the way and got busy with other projects so decided it needed to be set aside.
      Might come back to it one day, like I am currently doing with ILMB (2 pages to finish that one up a bit better, should be up next week sometime when I can fit them into my drawing schedule)

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