Like the last page I will most likely eventually replace this with a toned down version where there isn’t a heart shaped hole in the front of her panties.

Milli as a character is a bit of a romantic, as well as always trying to see the best in everyone. A big hugger and cuddler, she has a warmth to her that people gravitate towards, especially Mikes friends. Not sure if I’m gunna work it into the story but in my head she had snuck off with all her brothers friends when they’d stay over for years, never going all the way but never leaving them disappointed either. This lead Mike to be quite the popular guy 😀 “hey buddy what if I come stay over and we hang out…”.

ShipponGirls pg4

9 thoughts on “ShipponGirls pg4

  1. What type of bra is Milli wearing? I know Alex is not wearing one and
    Ada has a fairly normal looking one, but this looks different.

    1. it is supposed to be some futuristic antigravity bra that basically makes big boobs weightless so it isn’t a pain

  2. I love characters like this.. It’s a great vibe.

    1. Glad you like it. I’m hoping more readers will get hooked on it. So far only about 1/6 of my readerbase seems to be reading this new comic 🙁 Hoping as things ramp up more of the “porn fans” will take an interest.

      1. I feel like Yellow Gerbil Comics’ main page should be a sort of a hub that shows recent updates to all of the individual comics… that’s how a lot of comic sites used to be. I understand there are limits with wordpress, but there’s also a much less desirable method where each comic’s page at least links everyone to the updates on other comics’ pages, as an update… that’s how Count Your Sheep did it back in their heyday

        1. Yeah years ago when I started my first website with Weebly I had something like that. Had a scrolling marque type thing with preview images that would change every 5 seconds or so. But that is a bit too much work for me to keep up and most people don’t even know that there IS a homepage and think the Zoe area is the only area.
          I think with time they will start checking here, it just is a matter of getting them hooked. I’ve got some fun pages coming up that I think people will like, also once I get a couple more pages up I will try to promote this area more. Want to see about advertising with that Comicad service, it hasn’t really taken off the way ProjectWonderful did but there is some sites I can promote it on (pretty much none that an xrated comic like Zoe can though).

  3. That heart shaped hole is awesome <3

    1. Glad you like it. I don’t think she will be too happy to know her brother saw it up close though 😀

  4. You should make a .gif were Milli’s panties act like a mood ring were the SFW version has no Heart and the original art does to show how “Horny” she is.

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