Double stuffed.

Sorry for not getting this up last week. I was half done with it when I was hit with a terrible case of vertigo that a week later still hasn’t completely gone away. I am about 99% back to normal only dealing with problems when I turn fast or am bouncing in a car but there were a few days at the beginning that were just some of the worst days of my life.

Everyone has gotten their blowjobs now, now a few pages without sex. Pretty sure I am going to end it with some anal, like to keep things open to change but that is what I am leaning towards.

shippon pg27

3 thoughts on “shippon pg27

  1. What would be great is if each end shot out a different flavor.

    1. Something would have to happen to it mid-shaft to make that happen. I’m now picturing intravenous needles inserted near the base, each one feeding a few drops of food colouring/flavour shots (after all, a comic is a visual medium. you can’t “show” taste… but Kool-Aid flavours are coloured sugar for a reason… and on that thought, we should stay away from “red” flavours.)
      Honestly, envisioning that is making me cringe more than thinking it’s hot.

      1. eh, think nothing is hotter than a girl painted white with cum, blue, green etc just doesn’t have the same sexiness

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