Ada is a geeks dream come true 😀

ShipponGirls pg22

5 thoughts on “ShipponGirls pg22

  1. Good thing she didn’t wear pants. Wouldn’t want any stains.

  2. It’s a 4-D game. When you win it squirts victory sauce at you.

    1. I remember going to Universal Studios as a kid and they had this escaped alien game thing where the chairs would rotate and had like a sprayer thing that would spray you and blow a fan on you… Remember really thinking that was the coolest thing ever as a kid, VR could really use something like that (like a special chair or something).

  3. These Tortuga hicks must be thinking that old Terra movie “Earth Girls are Easy” is a documentary or maybe a how to guide.

    1. much preferable than Avatar, the only natural resource they’ve come to pilfer is cum.

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