I’m a wimp, growing up when my female friends would tell me “Kiss their ass” I always wanted to have the guts to say pull your pants down and I will 😀 Never had the courage to see if that would of worked…

ShipponGirls pg6

12 thoughts on “ShipponGirls pg6

  1. Alex really is friendly.

    1. She is friendly, but she is also competitive so a handjob by her would have one hand on the penis and the other holding a stopwatch and seeing if she could get a new record.

  2. At least you had friends. Heh.
    She totally seems like the kind of person who would use ‘irregardless’

    1. 2020 is the year without friends. the Gov made friendship illegal. God I miss going to the movies.

      1. It really has opened my eyes to how much people were doing things I never got to do, and probably still never will.

        1. Sorry to hear that. I pretty much live as a hermit since becoming an adult, there were a few years between 13-16 that I had a decent amount of friends but most my life has been 1 best friend and thats it, as I don’t like being around more than 1-2 people at a time. This year has been without much interaction at all outside of online skype and discord. You’re always welcome to friend me on either (though am not much a fan of discord). Not the most chatty person but if you need someone to talk to I’m on my computer drawing every day. (yellowgerbil on both)

  3. popsicle-itis?

    1. In an earlier page they mention they got out of cryo sleep, and Mike is worried that 7 years in deep freeze may of left him with a broken penis… (implying the girls had been scaring him with the prospect prior to where the comic starts).

  4. So how is the 3-D stuff going? Any idea of when we might see how that affects the comic?

    1. The interior of their apartment will be the first time I use it to help me draw. He did interiors for the 2 apartments, as well as the entire block in exterior. They should be getting into the apartment in 3 pages I think. I have tonights page done as well as half the following, and think will cut to entering the apartment after that. I am still working some kinks. in the 3 b/w pages they see the ad on the neighbors door. I’m thinking of pushing that back till AFTER the brother leaves and have some minor sexual stuff happen while he’s there 😉

  5. To be honest that dort of thing happen no more then one of 15 women would ever consider it if you ever retorted back like that. The one time she considered it I got lucky but normally they just get pissed off and leave.

    1. yeah, probably right.

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