Ada has given a handjob…

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ShipponGirls pg7

6 thoughts on “ShipponGirls pg7

  1. Well Ada and Alex sure seem to be into the idea. And Milli smashing her tits into the back of her brothers head is not going to help anything.

    1. I haven’t really captured Ada the best here. with time hopefully I can. Alex is all for it because in her mind she is winning, Mike was focusing on her ass, and she wants to push forward and keep the attention. Ada, is spacey and may only be half aware of the fact that she is standing there naked and was just like in a conversation when someone isn’t listening but nods their head with the pauses…
      Milli knows that she is in a losing battle for Mikes innocence… So she is going to have to decide how much it matters to her that Mike doesn’t sleep with them… 😀

  2. What welcoming friends.. <3
    Aaa thanks for the plug!
    (Now I'm really wishing the front page wasn't still the last page :p )

    1. I hope you get a bit of traffic

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