This page has some censoring that won’t be in the uncensored version that eventually will be made for Sponsus supporters. There was a little closeup of Alex spreading her pussy and showing her hymen in the blank spot in the top panel, and the background isn’t blurred in the bottom left. Hope to have that area live in a couple weeks, want to wait till there is something hardcore to put there…

What would make passing on fucking 2 beautiful girls like Alex and Ada worth it? Let me know in the comments if anything would get you to pass on that 😀

ShipponGirls Pg8

14 thoughts on “ShipponGirls Pg8

  1. What would make him pas on a sure thing? Obsession! He obviously has been obsessed with his sister for years. She is a greater reward than a harem.

    1. Yeah but what is Milli going to have to do to make that choice not a regretful one 😉

  2. She is going to need a pretty compelling argument with strong evidence to back it up and an empty stomach for all the cum she will be swallowing to keep him in this voluntary celibacy.

    1. Well these characters are in a future and are genetically modified to be better… that includes insane amounts of cum 😀

  3. Currently, this webcomic is not listed on . How does one vote for Shippon Girls?

    1. I’ll try to remember to make a banner for that in the coming weeks (bit busy atm with a bunch of commissions still waiting to be done). Thanks for reminding me 😀

  4. I think offering a hole that Alex would not offer might do it. But I do not think there is any hole that Alex would not offer.

    1. Haven’t written it yet so can’t say for certain what WILL happen but am considering her having a history of letting guys stick the head in the butt, and might let her brother try a little deeper 😀

  5. I like the way she’s pulling off those pasties. Something about that hand posture really works.

    1. Thanks, yeah trying to get some of her personality to show through. She isn’t a prude, she is a romantic, but never thought she would be considering doing things and showing things to her little brother.

  6. I finally get what the writing on Milli’s bra stands for. 0G (Zero Gravity). Great name for a bra.

    1. well it is the future, seems like a good invention would be bras that make boobs weightless to help busty girls with their back pains 😀

  7. Well I guess since this is an R rated comic we are not going to see how well endowed Mike is.

    1. Not here, but in the uncensored section…

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