They aren’t penetrated yet, with the censorship can’t really tell, but the tips are just starting to push in.

ShipponGirls pg30

7 thoughts on “ShipponGirls pg30

  1. Hope it’s proper anal lube. Regular doesn’t work as well or last as long. Or so I read.

    1. In the far off future lube technology has been perfected 😀


  2. Okay so I was going to tell you that censoring the sexy wasn’t going to be a good marketing plan but I’m glad you didn’t take long to realize it. If you want to incentivize us readers to contribute I highly recommend leaving ILMB and others as payperview.

    1. Yeah, goal was to advertise it, but the few times I tried I got no traction because Comicad is nothing compared to the old Project Wonderful.

      1. Have you looked into maybe adding these comics to slipshine? I hear it’s a pretty cool paytoread site.

        1. Don’t think I’d be a fit with them, tried years ago and they were assholes.

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